Hear me roar.

I regularly speak to live audiences (and over Zoom) on topics including creativity, business, and how to get the most out of both.
Creativity is highly valued, but widely misunderstood.
When people are challenged to ‘be more creative’, they often picture themselves in an oversized t-shirt, splattered in paint, and standing next to a few blobs of color, meant to resemble a sunset.

This is not what I mean when I say: ‘being more creative can benefit everyone’.

You don’t need to be Salvador Dalí, Frieda Kahlo or David Lynch. Creativity is simply the willingness to look differently at the world, and the courage to act accordingly.

Creative people see new opportunities where others see nothing, and critically- they are the people who act on and seize these opportunities. It’s not enough to simply ‘be’ creative, it requires doing something- and that something may fail.

This willingness to get lost, and try out new things is what allows creative people to continually reshape the world in a way that others just aren’t willing to attempt.

I love speaking about the value of creativity, whether it’s to a small group or to an audience of hundreds.
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I’ve been a creative consultant for 10+ years
My work has featured in global and national TV campaigns, as well as in museums and galleries. My clients have included world-class organizations and household name brands, from Ireland to the UK, EU, USA and beyond.

My qualifications are in the visual arts
I hold a BFA from NCAD in Dublin and an MFA from Central Saint Martins in London. This means I’ve spent equal time in the studio as in the library, and can talk widely on fine art, film, literature, music and comedy.