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Why is it so difficult to find a good copywriter?

There are plenty of qualified copywriters out there. So why is it so tricky to find a decent one that you can actually rely on?

The demand for top-tier copywriters has risen with the growing appreciation by brands of the precise and often highly-skilled work they do. This high demand, coupled with budgetary constraints and lack of available talent, means that there's fierce competition for the best.

All of which makes the task of finding the right person to help with your situation harder than ever. You’ll often need to sift through numerous portfolios to find someone with relevant work samples.

A good copywriter doesn't just write well but aligns with a brand's voice, culture, and target audience. In other words, they’re highly-skilled, and good ones are in short supply.

What is copywriting?

It’s more than just words. Copywriting is the craft of writing persuasive text or "copy" for the purpose of advertising or marketing. You may not be familiar with the term, but you’ll certainly have experienced it before.

Copywriters are responsible for the messaging of brands and companies you hear from every day, as well as the most memorable ads you’ve ever seen. Their work has likely influenced you in your decision to purchase one product over another, or even when it comes to your choice of political candidate.

The text or ‘copy’ they produced is more than just words. It’s carefully crafted to prompt specific action, such as purchasing a product, signing up for a newsletter, or engagement with a brand. It can be found across various mediums, including websites, email campaigns, brochures, advertisements, social media posts, and more.

The primary goal of a copywriter is to capture the attention of the target audience and persuade them to respond in a desired manner. Effective copywriting often blends creativity with a deep understanding of the target audience's needs, desires, and pain points. This ensures that the message not only resonates with readers but also compels them to act.

What sets good copywriters apart?

Good copywriters excel due to a blend of skills and traits that allow them to connect deeply with their audience. But fundamentally, the best one for you is the one who is easiest to work with. Skill goes a long way, but so does communication, professionalism and reliability.

Great copywriters have a deep understanding of their target demographic, and an empathy with the struggles of the audience they seek to reach. Really excellent copywriters will have a proven ability to convey complex ideas with simplicity and clarity- removing the work that poor copywriters will leave your readers to do for themselves.

As opposed to emerging AI engines, human copywriters pay attention to detail to ensure their work is error-free, and use real emotional intelligence to craft effective work that resonates emotionally. 

How much should I expect to pay for high-quality copywriting services?

The ever-vague answer is… ‘it depends’. The cost of high-quality copywriting varies based on experience, location, project type, and urgency. Project complexity also matters: a comprehensive website or in-depth case study costs more than a standard blog post. Additionally, niche industries may have premium rates due to specialized knowledge requirements.

Seasoned or specialized copywriters generally command higher rates.

Often, it can be better to outline the full deliverables you hope to develop, and ask them to set a project fee, so you’re both clear on the budget and fees involved.

Investing in quality copywriting can yield significant returns, like better conversion rates. However, it's essential to review a potential copywriter's work and perhaps initiate a test project before making a decision.

Are there any red flags to watch out for when hiring a copywriter?

As with any other professional relationship, it’s important to go into a potential engagement with your eyes open. 

Do they have an impressive and relevant portfolio of work? Are they reluctant to provide references? This might indicate a lack of experience or poor past collaborations.

Pay attention to their response time and manner. Beware of vague communication around project specifics, deadlines, or fees. Alarmingly low rates may point to a compromise in quality or experience.

A professional copywriter should offer a contract outlining the work's scope, payment terms, and other essentials. A refusal to do so can be concerning. Consistently missed deadlines without prior communication or an unwillingness to accept constructive feedback also hint at unprofessionalism.

Also, generic or templated proposals can reflect a lack of effort or interest. A good copywriter will exhibit curiosity about your brand and project, asking pertinent questions to deliver tailored content. If they show no inquisitiveness, they may not be a good fit for you. 

What are the pros and cons of hiring an experienced copywriter vs. a newbie?

Hiring a newbie can definitely have its advantages- it will be cheaper, they will likely agree to a range of work, but you may have to take the lead and steer the project yourself. This is fine, if you have a strong vision and simply need someone who can execute on it.

Otherwise, if you’re hoping for guidance and the skill that comes with experience, it’s well worth opting for an experienced copywriter. You will certainly need to pay more, but can rest assured they’ll deliver a more professional outcome without you needing to be involved directly.

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