Monthly Retainer

Monthly content, like clockwork.

Outsource your recurring output, to be reliably executed every month.


Sometimes, you need a steady hand to keep things moving along.

One of my most popular services is providing monthly retainer work to large companies. I help them to ship best-in-class marketing content across their websites and social media channels. This is recurring work, delivered the same time every month, and never left to chance.

After a simple setup process, I’ll set aside the same few days every month to work on a specific set of recurring tasks that are too high-value to leave to just anyone. This means no onboarding a different freelancer every time you have work you need handled. No wrangling new contracts, or having to double-check that it’s all correct every time.

Imagine; better quality work, in less time, and with less effort. More importantly, imagine less hassle for you and your team. Free yourself to focus on what matters, and delegate recurring creative work to someone who excels at producing it.

Recent clients include Nasdaq, Unilever and Universum Global.

“Enda is great. He made our content more human and expressive,”

- Gabriel Hitt,

Senior Director, Employer Brand, NASDAQ

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