Freelance Projects

Add top-tier copy to your projects.

I provide brands and companies the support they need to achieve real business results.


In order to stand a chance tomorrow, your brand needs to stand out today.

I’ll spare you the typical corporate jargon here, and cut to the chase: your brand needs to be seen if it wants to survive.

Since 2016, I’ve helped a huge number of brands to deliver strategic creative work and help move the needle in their business.

My work looks to connect your brand with new fans in bold and uncompromising ways, opening up new avenues to revenue for you and your business. The one thing I don’t do is churn out plain, run-of-the-mill copy or cookie-cutter creative ideas.

I’m easy to work with, and help you to deliver real results.

Recent clients include:

Nasdaq, Blinkist, Strong Roots, UNICEF and Tirlán.

“The work we created with Enda had the highest impression-to-signup ratio of any we ever tested in the USA. It was almost twice as high as the next best-performing project,”

- Sarah Moriarty,

Director of Brand Marketing, Blinkist

Take a look at these examples:

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